My Vegan Story:

Over 12 years ago I went vegan after reading the research on vegan populations and witnessing people that made me realize I wouldn’t drop dead from a protein deficiency. In particular, vegans were shown to have lower rates of the two diseases I was most afraid of getting, heart disease and cancer. I decided to get my Master in Public Health (MPH) to help spread the message of diet and health. In addition, as someone with a B.Sc. in Sustainability, the environmental aspects were undeniable and an added bonus. After being vegan for a couple years and no longer purposefully contributing to the suffering of animals, I was able to take the meat goggles off and face the crimes against animals firsthand. In other words, actually love animals and not just love pets for the first time in my life. 

New eBook: Level 5 Vegan

Level 5 Vegan by Mic the Vegan is not a “how to go vegan” guide, it is a “how to stay vegan” guide that hits on the social challenges, emotional battles, and health concerns of long term vegans. It looks at lessons from ex-vegans and long term vegans as well focusing heavily on vegan well-being while keeping vegan eating fresh and exciting.

With over 100 pages of phone-friendly formatted text, it covers sections on Vegan Social Challenges, Vegan Well-Being, Lessons from Ex-Vegans, Lessons from Long Term Vegans, Mixing It Up, and Nutrition Knowledge for Staying Vegan. Includes nearly 100 citations.

First eBOOK: Mic’s Whole Vegan Cookbook

This recipe book is almost 50 pages of delicious food, cooking tips, and extras such as insights into being the vegan at a potluck. The dishes are approximately 95% whole foods with the occasional yellow light foods like maple syrup and nut butter. More than anything, I wanted to this cookbook to present some new entirely ideas while adding new takes on old recipes and with the help of Lyndi it accomplishes just that.

A few recipe titles include grilled pineapple lentil burger, sweet potato tots, unicorn parfait, sriracha baked fries, peanut butter cherry cookies, baked falafel balls and many more.

I hope you find these recipes as delicious as I did when making the book!

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Mic Yourself!

I want mic the vegan to be about more than me, Mike. I want people to be inspired to put their ideas out into the world and because of this, I have laid out some basic principles and tools that can help you start a youtube channel. Click HERE to learn about what cameras, lights, and software you can use to start your journey.